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The Audubon Nature Center is excited to announce the 2016 Wild 5K. This year’s trail run/walk will highlight the woodlands that shade the trails.  Along the twists and turns, you may notice that some of the areas have young trees, some gnarly old ones.  In some places they are primarily hemlock, other places maple, pine and beech.  Not only are the tree types diverse, but so is the soil where they put down roots.  There are wet woods and upland areas and even delightful, hidden vernal ponds where salamanders and frogs congregate in the spring.

Throughout the years, Audubon has carefully protected this unique property, opening an educational window into the importance of maintaining a wooded sanctuary for all. We hope that this year’s race will serve to raise awareness of the importance of forest habitats and to support our preservation, maintenance, and restoration efforts.  100 years ago the chestnuts virtually disappeared from the forest, and now several other species could experience the same fate. Hemlocks, ashes and beech trees all face significant threats from insects and disease.    Audubon has developed a Land Use Plan, but it will take volunteers and funding to implement it.

Once again this year, there are many ways you can lend a hand to help,from volunteering on race day (July 30, 2016) to sponsoring the event (see our online Sponsorship Application) to participating as a runner or a walker! Please consider supporting us in this exciting endeavor. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  This year’s co-chairs are volunteers Aimee Brunelle and Jeff Rupp.  You can reach them using the information e-mail (info)  @jamestownaudubon.org or by leaving a message at the front desk. (716-569-2345)

Run Wild for forests!