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After a wildly successful revamping last year, the Audubon Nature Center is excited to announce the 2015 Wild 5K. This year’s trail run/walk will pose a new, meaningful challenge. Proceeds from the race will support our on-going efforts to protect the Nature Center’s over 600 acres of unique habitat that not only decreases flooding in the surrounding communities but also purifies drinking water and provides sanctuary to plants and animals of all shapes and sizes.

Audubon Nature Center is positioned in a natural lowland. Water flows here from every direction and collects, forming wetlands and representing one of Earth’s most vital types of habitat. Throughout the years, Audubon has carefully protected this unique property, hoping to open an educational window into the importance of maintaining a wetland sanctuary for all, including migrating birds and breeding frogs. However, significant hurdles, including invasive plants (i.e. Water Chestnut and Garlic Mustard), have created daunting challenges. We hope that this year’s race will serve to raise awareness of the importance of wetland habitats like ours and to support our preservation, maintenance, and restoration efforts.

There are many ways you can lend a hand to help us this year, anything from volunteering on race day (July 25, 2015) to sponsoring the event (see our online Sponsorship Application) to participating as a runner or a walker! Please consider supporting us in this exciting endeavor. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, Corinne Fredrickson is this year’s co-chairperson: (716) 569-2345.

Run Wild for wetlands!